BRANNGO Newsletter July 2020

2 Chairman ’ s Foreword Many of you will know that since the last newsletter was published in April, I have taken over as Chairman of BRANNGO from David Thomas. It will be a very hard act to follow given David ’ s many years ’ experience of helping Nepal and its people and the long list of his very significant achievements, but I am most grateful to him and the Committee for giving me the opportunity and will do my very best to live up to the challenge. I ’ m also delighted to say that David will continue to be involved in BRANNGO in the role of Founder, so the organisation and its members will continue to benefit from his advice, wise counsel and (many!) good ideas. We have made some significant changes to how BRANNGO functions in the last few months. We recognise that there is a need to bring together communities of interest with a common interest in particular topical areas so that productive collaboration can have stronger focus and greater cohesion. The intention is that these will become one of the main driving forces behind BRANNGO ’ s mission of making the delivery of goods and services to Nepal through NGO channels more efficient and more effective through collaboration. Central to this is the exchange of information, but also mechanisms for identifying and pursuing initiatives that will bring additional value and benefit to BRANNGO and its members ’ activities. We have launched the first two Working Groups to look at Education and Health, the 2 UN Sustainable Development Goals that between them encompass about two-thirds of the UK NGOs operating in Nepal. The