BRANNGO Newsletter July 2020

23 Membership of BRANNGO brings all the benefits of privileged access to conferences, information exchange, networking and discussions that take place in pursuit of the BRANNGO mission and goals. Full details are on the BRANNGO website a t Membership Types/Costs Individual/Associate Membership (£35). For individuals who may be working in or Visiting Nepal or wishing to set up an organisation to help Nepal. Associate Membership is also be available to those individuals who have registered a charitable or other organisation that is still within two years of its registration date. Group Membership. Group/Organisation Annual Income Fee (£) Up to £50,000 50 Between £50,001 and £100,000 100 Between £100,001 and £500,000 150 Above £500,000 200 How to Apply Online application can be made on the website (link above). Alternatively please download th e Application Form f orm and submit by post with payment as indicated. If you have any queries please contact Data Protection Please see the BRANNGO website for full details of data protection issues associated with membership.