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Welcome to the BRANNGO Health Working Group page !

BRANNGO Cttee Mbr Lisa Whitehouse-Foskett

As the BRANNGO Health Working Group Lead, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Lisa Whitehouse-Foskett. Professionally, I am a Director of my Practice and a Podiatrist, specialising in Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Prescriptive Orthotics, together with Chiropody. I started my business, a Private Clinic, some 23 years ago, after having worked in the NHS in a different capacity.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Podiatric Medicine. I am a member of a number of organisations, including the College of Podiatry and the Royal Society of Medicine. I am also an Honorary Member of the Nepalese Doctors Association (UK). I have been connected with, and have been working in, Nepal since 2004.

Within this page, you will find current Nepal health-related topics. The page is open to members and non-members, and I welcome you all to the page. My team and I will be posting information relating to many topics, as well as updates on Webinars, both informative and educational.

  • 18th March 2022: BRANNGO Health Working Group Meeting

BRANNGO Members can view a recording of the Health Working Group Meeting held on 18th March 2022 (including an update on Covid-19 in Nepal, by Dr Toshi Sherpa, and a preview of Dr Michael Kamdar’s presentation on Maternal Mortality in Nepal) on the Briefings page of the Members’ Area (restricted access), by clicking here.

  • 29th October 2021: Disaster and Emergency Medicine

A presentation on Disaster and Emergency Medicine was give by Dr Peter (Prankaj) Patel on 29th October 2021.

 • 29th October 2021: Nepali Covid Update

Click here to see Dr Toshi Sherpa’s Nepali Covid Update presentation. Click here to see the Unicef film ‘Vaccines mean a safe return to normal life in Nepal.’

 • 23rd October 2021: Anti-Child Trafficking Webinar

Click here for the zoom recording of this event. Click here for details of the speakers’ publications.

 • 12th September 2021: Impact of Covid-19 in Nepal

Click here to see the webinar recording supplied by Dr Suresh R Sharma, Chairman of FIPMO (Former International Professionals of Multilateral Organizations), on The Impact of Covid-19 in Nepal.

 2nd July 2021: Covid-19 Update Webinar

 The flyer/agenda for this event, including the list of speakers, is here.

4th June 2021: Health Working Group Meeting

Material from our 4th June Working Group meeting is held online, divided into the following sections (click on the titles to access the material):

30th May 2021: Menstrual Education Webinar

 The flyer/agenda for this event, including the list of speakers, is here.  A video recording of the event is available here.

 • Nepalese Doctors Association (UK)

Many thanks to Dr Donna Shrestha and Dr Prajwal Ghimire, Joint Secretaries, Nepalese Doctors Association (UK), for allowing us to share their 2020 Journal (54 pages) with our members. The Journal is extremely well worth reading as it contains many interesting articles and updates.

The Nepalese Doctors Association (UK) is a socio-professional and charitable organisation which ‘promotes and supports medical education and health improvement projects, through independent and collaborative efforts in the UK and Nepal’. If you would like to know more about the Nepalese Doctors Association (UK), or their Charity Wing, please take a look at their excellent website, or get in touch with Lisa.

NDA Journal:  Click here to view or download the NDA’s 2021 Journal.

 Covid-19 in Nepal

Click here to view a list of useful links to information about Covid-19 in Nepal.

Click here to view the Health Sector Emergency Response Plan (33 pages) produced by the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population in May 2020.  (Thank you to Susan Hamblin of the Nestling Trust, and member of the BRANNGO Health Working Group Team, for sharing this document. The Nestling Trust supports programmes which ‘provide basic health care and health education to villagers in the remote areas of Nepal’).


Contact Us:

If you would like to be included on my BRANNGO Health Working Group email list, please send me your details using the contact form on this website’s homepage. I would be happy to hear from Medical professionals in all areas of Medicine and health-related professions.

If you are involved in SDG3 work (‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’) in Nepal, and would like to know more about BRANNGO, please get in touch, also using the contact form on this website’s homepage.  Please also take a look at, like, and follow our informative BRANNGO Facebook page.