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A shared commitment
to helping the people
and country of Nepal


Promoting information sharing and collaboration


The Britain and Nepal NGO Network, BRANNGO, promotes information-sharing and collaboration between NGOs and with other agencies, in order to avoid duplication of effort and increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which charitable aid is delivered to Nepal.


BRANNGO maintains close working links with British and Nepalese Government departments and embassies, the Britain-Nepal Society, the Nepal Federation of NGOs and other organisations that have an interest in helping disadvantaged and needy people in the country.


BRANNGO membership offers:

• Access to a wide-ranging network of like-minded and supportive contacts;

• A programme of events to do with charitable work in Nepal, many based on specialist areas of interest such as education or health;

• Newsletters, social media and other channels through which information-sharing, discussion and collaboration can take place.






At the core of BRANNGO’s value-add activities are the Working Groups.  The two longest-established ones are Education and Health, which hold regular discussions, briefings and webinars.  A third working group on Environment, Climate Change and Conservation is being set up and should start operation in late 2021.




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World Nepali Health Conference - in London
Over 30 scientific papers were presented, and more than 50 workshops conducted, at the Conference held at the Embassy of Nepal, in London, in September 2021. Inaugurated jointly by Ambassador Lok Darshan Regmi and Umesh Shrestha, Nepali Minister of State for Health, the proceedings concluded with a 28-point declaration letter.



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