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“It makes a big difference to a tiny charity like ours to be able to connect with other groups. Our BRANNGO subscription has been well worth the outlay.”   Pat and Liz Wherity – Kids at School in Nepal.

A shared commitment
to helping the people
and country of Nepal


Promoting information sharing and collaboration

The Britain and Nepal NGO Network, BRANNGO, promotes information-sharing and collaboration between NGOs and with other agencies, to avoid duplication of effort and increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which charitable aid is delivered to Nepal.

BRANNGO maintains close working links with British and Nepalese Government departments and embassies, the Britain-Nepal Society, the Nepal Federation of NGOs and other organisations that have an interest in helping disadvantaged and needy people in the country.


BRANNGO membership offers:

• Access to a wide-ranging network of like-minded and supportive contacts

• A programme of events concerned with charitable work in Nepal – many based on specialist areas of interest, such as education or health

• Newsletters, social media and other channels through which information-sharing, discussion and collaboration can take place




 At the core of BRANNGO’s value-add activities are the Working Groups.  The two longest-established ones are Education and Health, which hold regular discussions, briefings and webinars.  A third working group on Environment, Climate Change and Conservation has started operation in January 2022.



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BRANNGO face-to-face event, London
Mon 3 Oct 2022: The next BRANNGO interactive, face-to-face event will be held at Thomas's School, Fulham, London. BRANNGO members will have an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm topics of interest and relevance. (Details to be finalised, but please note the date)
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A 'Decade of Action' in Nepal for Planet Earth
17 Aug 2022, 10:30 BST: Philip Holmes (Pipal Tree) and Dev Narayan Mandal (Mithila Wildlife Trust) will share their experiences in community-based reforestation projects in Nepal, including the Miyawaki Method rapid reforestation approach, plus their financial and operational secrets to ensure success and sustainability
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Young Carers
19 Jul 2022: A recording of this Carers Worldwide webinar, which included presentations by Prof Saul Becker, Melissa Moody, as well as young carers from Nepal, India and Bangladesh discussing their experiences and the challenges they face, is available on the Carers Worldwide website.
Click here to view the webinar on the Carers Worldwide website
Children's Cancer in Nepal
1 Jul 2022: A recording of Dipika Joshi's presentation on World Child Cancer's work in Nepal, including a project being run at Kanti Hospital, Kathmandu, in partnership with Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, is available to BRANNGO members via the Health Working Group page
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Rato Bangala School and Foundation
17 Jun 2022: A recording of the webinar by Shanta Dixit (Director), and Milan Dixit (Principal), of Rato Bangala School, Kathmandu, on their in-house teacher training programme and the Foundation's work in rural schools across Nepal, is available to BRANNGO members via the BRANNGO Education Working Group page.
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BRANNGO Conference, London
21 Apr 2022: Speakers at the BRANNGO conference held at the Nepalese Embassy, London, included His Excellency the Ambassador; Camilla Sugden (Deputy Director of the FCDO's India and Indian Ocean Directorate); Nathanael Bevan (Development Director, British Embassy, Kathmandu) and Prof Padam Simkhada (Associate Dean International and Prof of Global Health, University of Huddersfield)
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BRANNGO Health Working Group
18 Mar 2022: A recording of the BRANNGO Health Working Group meeting is available to BRANNGO members via the Health Working Group page
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Saathi Teachers Programme in Nepal
18 Feb 2022: A recording of the webinar on the Saathi Teachers Programme, which aims to strengthen the quality of teaching in primary schools in rural Nepal, is available on the BRANNGO Education Working Group page.
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BRANNGO Education Working Group
26 Sep 2022: The next meeting of the BRANNGO Education Working Group will be held online, on 26 September 2022. (Details to be finalised, but please note the date)
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Nepali citizenship
28/7/22: The Nepali Government endorsed an amendment to the 2006 Citizenship Act, allowing citizenship by descent for thousands of children born to Nepali parents before 12/4/1990. Passed by a large majority, the Bill is considered discriminatory in that it does not apply to foreign men married to Nepali women. However it does contain provisions for non-resident Nepalis living outside South Asia to acquire citizenship (although they cannot exercise political and administrative rights) - and also orphans (based on the testimony of orphanages or local government)
Cholera Outbreak in Kathmandu
30/6/22: The sale of certain street food items (such as pani-puri) has been banned in Kathmandu valley, following an outbreak of cholera in the area. Urban health facilities have been asked to ensure they have supplies of rehydration salts and water purification tablets.
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Covid-19 in Nepal
The WHO Worldometer shows daily totals of Covid-19 cases and deaths in 222 countries
Click here to see the numbers for Nepal
Rising Cost of Living in Nepal
The cost of living in Nepal has been rising steeply, with many items of food now costing up to 20% more than two years ago. The country relies heavily on imports of food and fuel and the cost of these have been driven up by inflationary pressures worldwide caused by surges in demand after the Covid pandemic and more recently the impact of the war in Ukraine on oil prices. The rising cost of imports from abroad has in turn depleted Nepal’s foreign exchange reserves by more than 16% to mid-February and increased Government debt, with no sign of the pressures easing in the foreseeable future. The government has restricted the import of non-essential goods such as cars, cosmetics and gold and is considering whether to limit consumption of fuel by again restricting the use of cars and commercial vehicles. The situation is exacerbated because many Nepalis lost their jobs during the pandemic, including those working overseas, and remittances from expatriate Nepalis, which constitute almost a quarter of the country’s GDP, have dropped by 5%. Sadly, as in other countries, it is therefore the poorest and most dependent who are feeling the impact of all this.



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