The Benefits of BRANNGO Membership

• BRANNGO membership brings together NGOs, British and Nepalese government agencies, community and special-interest groups.  The resulting networking, collaboration, information-sharing and joint problem solving brings improved operational efficiencies delivering more and better assistance to the people of Nepal. Read more by clicking here....

How to Apply

• Please (1) complete and submit the online form below; (2) make the appropriate payment by bank transfer to BRANNGO, account number 40757412, sort code 54-30-45, referencing it with your name or your organisation’s name.

• Alternatively click here to download a paper application form, complete it and submit it with a cheque for the relevant amount to BRANNGO, Thomas’s Accounts Office, Brightwater House, Market Place, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1AP.

• Please note that by submitting these forms/payment you are agreeing to the use of your data and BRANNGO’s privacy policy as set out below.


Data Protection

• The BRANNGO database holds personal information primarily in order to contact its current and future members. BRANNGO will only use this information to contact you and to make returns required by law to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and to the various Charity Regulators of the United Kingdom. BRANNGO is legally bound by GDPR to ensure that any data that it holds on individuals is relevant, accurate and not excessive. Additionally it must be fairly and lawfully processed, held for definitive purposes, be accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than is necessary, processed in line with your rights and must be securely held. WE SHALL ENSURE THAT ALL DATA HELD IS TREATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE PRINCIPLES.

• We shall never sell or misuse any personal data and whilst we do not intend to contact you often we require your formal agreement for us to use the information held for lawful purposes. By signing the Membership Application Form you confirm that the details provided are correct and give your consent for BRANNGO to process the information for lawful purposes.

• Please click here to download BRANNGO’s privacy policy.