Dear Friends, 2020 began for all of us in UK cradled in a wave of optimism and so it is with our young organisation of BRANNGO and indeed for our friends in Nepal. ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ aims to increase income from tourism from 3% of GDP to 10% and the involvement of UK with Nepal grows and grows. With possibly up to 200,000 Nepalis now living in and contributing to this country it is only right that we seek to help Nepal in its own development as well. Much has happened since our last newsletter as Nick Hinton describes in his Editorial, but for BRANNGO there were three particularly important events. One was certainly the acceptance by Nick of the post of Honorary Chief Executive. We are fortunate indeed to have a person of Nick’s ability coupled with his experience of Nepal and the Gurkhas as well as his business familiarity with IBM. We look forward to his continued direction that has already made a considerable difference. Another is the contact we have made through David Morrall with the NGO Federation of Nepal [NFN] and Association of International NGOs [AIN] in Nepal. Both hold great promise for the future and we hope that 2020 will see a real growth in trust and cooperation for the future. Thirdly, there has been the contact we have established between BRANNGO and the Nepalis now living in the UK. This is a most promising link especially for charities thinking of expanding in Nepal or starting operations there but much needs to be done to establish proper ways of working through our different organisations. Of course, making contacts is one thing but putting them to good effect and use is quite another and we shall be refining our own structure and working on this throughout the year. As at the end of 2019 BRANNGO had 48 members. Not too bad you might think for a young organisation. In fact not nearly enough when you consider that there are 1,039 UK charities that say they operate in Nepal and of which we estimate that 800 are really active. BRANNGO needs more members in order to be an organisation to be reckoned with in the future. We intend to attract at least 250 members by the end of 2020. If you know of any organisation or individual that would be interested in what we are doing in Nepal, do please encourage them to join us. The detail of how to do this is on the back cover, but otherwise please email me ( or Nick Hinton ( or Carol Clare ( ) who will send out the details immediately. The Britain Nepal Society www.britainnepalsociety. org is also an established association that potential or existing members would find useful and may wish to join. If so do please contact their Honorary Secretary Mrs MJ Streather on So, BRANNGO forges ahead with hope and promise for 2020. We have made a good start but much remains to be achieved as you understand and will see from this newsletter. Finally, if there is any way that you think we could help you or your organisation in Nepal please do not hesitate to get in touch. Yours ever, DAVID THOMAS Chairman BRANNGO Newsletter - February 2020 Message From The Chairman David Thomas