Welcome to the website of the Britain-Nepal Non-Governmental Organisations Network

• BRANNGO brings together UK charities, other organisations and individuals who have a shared commitment to helping the people and country of Nepal. Its goals are to promote best practice, avoid duplication and otherwise help NGOs to better serve, work with, and learn from the people of Nepal. BRANNGO is not profit-seeking.

• BRANNGO achieves all this by exchanging information, facilitating dialogue and encouraging collaboration between NGOs through conferences, working groups, newsletters, and social media.

• BRANNGO also maintains close working links with British and Nepalese Government departments and embassies, the Britain-Nepal Society, the Nepal Federation of NGOs, the Association of International NGOs in Nepal and other agencies involved in charitable work in the country.

• By clicking on the links above you can access information about future and past events, the benefits of membership and how to apply. The members’ area contains a wealth of more detailed material that provides much of the additional benefit that comes from membership.

• For further information or queries please send a message using the ‘Contact Us’ link above.